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What Is Shared Hosting Service


What Is Shared Hosting Service

Shared hosting is sharing one server with multiple websites and also provide the necessary web resources to them. All you focus on the cost of hosting then you are on the safe zone as the price of shared hosting is comparatively low than other types of hosting.

Hosting services provide multiple tools to run your business online but it may happen you end up overpaying based on your requirements. If you are just starting then shared hosting is the perfect decision for your startup.

It’s been noticed that first-time website owner doesn’t have a rich programming background, on that perspective shared hosting is a simple and easy solution to configure their website. If you jump into hosting world then you find many shared hosting plans offer 1-click installations of popular CMS platforms like Wordpress, Joomla, etc. The best-shared hosting service providers also include features like multiple versions of PHP to make sure every plugin from your website working fine or not, providing complete backups, and Git repositories for supporting multiple coding languages.

What do you need to start a shared hosting service?

Starting a hosting business seems daunting at the start but here I’ll ease the process for you by giving an overview of what you need to start a shared hosting service.

You need to arrange below five things to get started:

1.A dedicated server

2.Set up a website for selling your services

3.A billing system for receiving payments

4.Special hosting software like for IP management, hosting control panel, etc

5.Confined target audience

What are the advantages of shared hosting?

1. The most alluring benefit of shared hosting is you already read above that it costs which can be in your pocket is that much affordable. Shared hosting usually starts with a minimal plan of $2 a month and that is pretty easy to launch your website.

2.Easy to customize the website. The most shared hosting solution provides a broad selection of features to help you personalize your website through cPanel, Plesk or Vesta CP. Adding application with a one-click installer and getting launched your whole team of the script to onboard. However, features will vary from provider to provider but ultimately you hold the rein of the website of your own.

3. Shared hosting gives out easy maintenance as compared to others and also good support. Hosting a site on a shared server will increase the chances of malware attack but choosing an above and beyond in security suite in hosting plans provides you right hosting. Shared hosting does a lot of heavy lifting on the server-side which secure you with backups in case if you run out of data, providing SSL certificates and links to Cloudflare CDN caching to keep your site fast and secure.

Date Added: 2019-07-28